Wireless Phone Jacks

Manufacturer: Phonex Broadband
Model: PX-441

Easy Jack Wireless Phone Jack for Voice and Data

The Easy Jack is designed to turn any electrical outlet into a phone jack to connect satellite TV receivers, digital video recorders (TiVo, ReplayTV), dial-up modems, and more to the phone line. The Easy Jack eliminates the costs and challenges of hard-wiring.

Specification Sheet

Wireless Phone Jacks

Manufacturer: Phonex Broadband
Model: PX-442

Additional Extension for PX-441

This additional extension turns any electrical outlet into a phone line.

  • Compatible with up to 56k/v.90 modems
  • Perfect for all computers and laptops, fax machines, phones, satellite receivers, TiVo & all online service providers
  • Security easily set by pressing a button on the side of each unit
  • Allows caller ID and call waiting
  • Works with up to 12 extra extensions


Current Specials

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  • ADC Optical Splitters
  • Aerial Hardware
  • Cableready Molding
  • C-COR Amplifiers
  • Coax Jumpers
  • Drop Cable with Twisted Pair
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  • RG-11 Drop Cable
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  • Scientific Atlanta SAII
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  • Wireless Phone Jacks