Drop Hardware

Manufacturer: Sachs
Model: SC03EK

Stacker Kit

Stacker to SC03E series span clamps for adding more drops. Formed to take a 1" diameter wrap of a steel messenger wire .051" to .073" diameter.


  • Two SC03E Rings
  • One Lock Washer
  • One Hex Nut

Drop Hardware

Manufacturer: Sachs
Model: SC11

Dead-End Strap

Made of high quality G90 pre-galvanized steel used to dead-end a drop cable at the house service mast.

  • From 1" to 4" Diameter Mast
  • SC11-81 also Available (Includes Single F81 Connector)

Drop Hardware

Manufacturer: Sachs
Model: SC51-2

Bonding Connector for Meter Pan

Designed to provide a bonding connection between the metallic frame of a meter pan and a copper ground wire. Design allows a fixed and positive mechanical contact without interfering with the opening of the meter pan front cover.

  • For #6 AWG Copper Ground Wire
  • CATV or Telephone Applications

  • Drop Hardware

    Manufacturer: Sachs
    Model: SC64DDP-3

    Drop Distribution Plate

  • Accepts up to 6 Drop Wires

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