Test Equipment

Manufacturer: Tempo
Model: TR 3120

STEP Time Domain Reflectometer

  • Improves Accuracy
  • Displays Impedance Mismatches and their Ohm Values
  • Identifies Return Loss Anywhere Along Cable
  • Operates While AC Adapter is Charging Unit

Specification Sheet

Test Equipment

Manufacturer: Channel Master
Model: 1005IFD

Satellite Signal Level Meter w/Battery Pack

  • Assists in Quick and Accurate Alignment of Dish
  • Tone for Audio Feedback
  • Easy-to-Read Meter
  • Allows Measurement of Voltage on Coax Cable
  • Measures LNB Current
  • Rechargeable Nicad Battery Pack

Specification Sheet

Test Equipment

Manufacturer: Sadelco
Model: MiniMax M800

Signal Level Meter

Designed specifically for MMDS and VHF/UHF antenna installation. The large microammeter and audio speaker help you peak the signal while the high capacity battery provides enough power to go all day without recharging.

Frequency Range: 5-862MHz

Specification Sheet


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