• HPF-50N High Pass Filter
  • CI-0810 Window Filter
  • CI-0513 Window Filter

    For effective cleaning of the return path, the HPF50N can be used to attenuate noise and ingress in the low frequency band, while passing the RF with minimal transmission loss in the video frequency band.

    The CI-0513 and CI-0810 window filters are effective for cleaning up the low frequency band while having the capability for communication with an addressable set top converter. These filters also pass the video frequency band with minimal transmission loss.

    The filter case connector input port is type F-male and the output is type F-female. The environmentally sealed case is made of Nickel-plated brass. The small cylindrical case allows for easy installation at the tap output, distribution panel, or at the customers interface.


    • The filters miniature size allows for easy installation wherever a filter is required.


    • SMD components
    • Filters are constructed of surface mount capacitors and inductors to insure consistency of specifications and performance during shipping, handling and over the temperature range.
    • Nickel-plated brass case - Environmentally sealed.
    • Custom Design - Cable Innovations will custom design a filter to your specifications with or without surge protection just call our sales dept. or the sales representative in your area.
    • Two Year Warranty - Your assurance of Quality.