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Contech PolyChemâ„¢ Shrink

How to Order
Installation Instruction
  • Flexible EPDM Rubber Shrink Tubing for all CATV Connections.
  • Bright colors for identification.
  • Total moisture-proof seal to save connector during disconnect.
  • Consistent shrink every time without heat or flame.
  • Maximum moisture protection for all "F" fittings.
  • Reduces costly service calls.
  • Easy installation and re-entry
  • No heat, flame or tools required
  • No craftsmanship required to shrink
  • Eliminates safety hazard with heat or open flame
  • Maximum moisture protection
  • Excellent UV and ozone resistance
  • Environmental temperature range -67 degrees F to +302 degrees F (-55 degrees C to +150 degrees C)

Typical Physical Properties
Properties Value Test Methods
Tensile Strength
Specific Gravity
Heat Aging
Water Absorption
Service Temp. Range
Dielectric Strength
1800 psi
60 Shore A
90% Ret.
-55o to +150o C
800 V/mm<
ASTM D-412
ASTM D-412
ASTM D-224
ASTM D-792
168 hrs. @ 136o C
ASTM D-570
ASTM D-876

Contech PolyFlex™
SFT-150 Self-Fusing Tape

Installation Instructions

    PolyFlex SFT-150 is designed to provide maximum moisture and corrosion protection for all CATV outside plant connections. SFT-150 is a tough, self-fusing EPR-based tape. It is easy to install and requires no heat or open flame.

    It is the perfect product for housing-to-housing or re-entry protection without interrupting service, as well as providing an excellent jacket repair system.


    • Easy Installation and Removal
    • No Heat/Flame Required
    • Excellent Ozone Resistance
    • Superior Low Temperature Flexibility (-55 degrees F)
    How to Order
    • Part #: PolyFlex SFT-150
    • Roll Size: 1.5" x 15'
    • Packaging: Packaging: 12 Rolls/Case

    Please email or call us at 303-799-3444 with your requirements.