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CLPS-3009 Surge Suppressor

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CLPS-6009PI Power Inserter/Surge Suppressor
CLPS=3009PI Power Inserter/Surge Suppressor

CLPS-3009 Surge Suppressor Specifications

Protect trunk and feeder electronics including amplifiers, fiber nodes, line extenders, taps and other passives.

Developed and patented by Cable Innovations, the CLPS-3009 combines the latest surge suppression technology (Sidactor® ) with Cable Innovations patented design to create the toughest surge suppressor ever built.

The CLPS-3009 protects those areas that the CLPS-3009PI (power inserter) is unable to protect due to distance or system configuration, including feeder lines and power stop points on trunk lines.

If you are currently using any other type of surge suppression you owe it to yourself and your subscribers to look at Cable Innovations and the CLPS-3009.


  • Where ever cable line surge suppression is needed, especially at the end of powering. Will provide protection for amplifiers, passives and any other cable line equipment.


  • Solid state surge protection, for reliability and durability.
  • Single Sidactor┬« device - The CLPS-3009 incorporates the newest solid state technology, eliminating the need for SCR type surge suppression devices.
  • Over voltages taken off center conductor. Over voltages go directly to ground from center conductor, before damage can occur to trunk, or feeder lines.
  • Superior Grounding - The CLPS-3009 grounds from a grounding clamp (located on the bottom of case) using a No. 6 ground wire to make a sweeping bend to pole vertical. Grounding to the strand (the method used by "kits") should not be attempted, because the over voltage may be induced back onto the cable, defeating the purpose of the device.
  • Surge testing ANSI C-62.41 (IEEE 587)
  • 100% Voltage Testing- Each CLPS-3009 is tested for voltage continuity before it leaves our plant.