Digital Interface Units

DIU Digital Interface Unit

Protects cable modems, consumer electronics, set top boxes, and drop electronics.

We will design a DIU to fit your requirements. The DIU may be combined into any combination of components needed*.

The Digital Interface Unit (DIU) is a low cost, efficient, compact unit that provides an interface for digital service at the subscriber's home, especially those homes with cable modem service.

Many systems connect several drop components with cable on the side of the subscriber's home. The standard collection of units is a ground block or surge suppressor, a splitter or directional coupler followed by a high pass filter or a window filter. These units are interconnected with coaxial cables.


  • Any drop, especially those drops requiring cable modem service.


  • Solid state surge protection, for reliability and durability
  • Digital splitter or directional coupler
  • SMD components, more precise specs.
  • High-Pass filter or window filter
  • UL approved